Dancing with Carmen

(Flamenco Opera)

Oscar de Manuel creates a work that transcends the popular to the present day, with the aim of bringing G.Bizet's opera to all audiences, which together with the choreography of Jesús Carmona, which transcends and protects the essence of flamenco dance in its frenetic evolution, and the reduction of Merimeé's libretto by Juan Ramón Conchillo of Movi¬miento-Theatre (France).

A show that favours the meeting on stage of Choirs, Contemporary Dance, Lyrical Soloists, Flamenco Dance, Chamber Orchestra, Actors, Guitars, Flamenco Percussion, Vocals, Flamenco Flute and Guest Artists who contribute a devilish dance and music with an unexpected and unprecedented colour to G.Bizet's great work.>

A flamenco opera that finds in the spontaneity and indifference between the characters, the key that makes the instinct flourish that provokes prejudice between love, possession and that absolute freedom of the woman, to be able to decide about herself. About her life.

Composition and transcription Oscar de Manuel
ChoreographyJesús Carmona
scenographyLuis Crespo




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