The Music of Recycling

In 2014 we have launched this social project, promoted by Ecoembes, which aims to offer a second chance to children at risk of social exclusion through music, education and recycling.

We use music and recycling as a form of social improvement. We approach music in a different way, proposing a more accessible concept. We encourage a constructive attitude and the practice of the discipline, favouring the development of personal identity and showing the satisfaction of working in favour of the environment.

The children who participate in the project learn both musical knowledge and how to make their own instruments from recycled materials, and in the future, they will be able to join the Ecoembes Orchestra of recycled instruments.

GardynStudio, in collaboration with Además Proyectos Solidarios, has developed and implemented the project: selection of centres to implement the programme, pedagogical coordination, luthier, creation of the Protection Committee, organisation of meetings, activities, etc.


Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje
Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje

the Instruments

Our luhtier, Fernando Solar, together with our students make the instruments from waste material.

In the construction of the instruments we use materials such as: cans, drains, forks, skimmers, buttons, etc. Our percussion is made up of garbage containers, paella pans and boxes made of pallet wood by the children of the lutherie workshop. For the wind instruments we use pvc tubes, pipes and keys.

Protector Committee Protector

The Project has a Protective Committee made up of experts in environmental, musical and children's issues, etc. It supervises the project, contributes ideas for improvement and collaborates in different activities related to the initiative..

Its members are:

Her Majesty Queen Sofía of SpainHonorary President
Óscar MartínPresident - CEO of Ecoembes
Inma SharaOrchestral Conductor
Javier UrraForensic psychologist at the Public Prosecutor's Office of the High Court of Justice and Juvenile Court
Odile Rodríguez de la FuentePresidente of the Félix Rodríguez Foundation
Favio ChávezConductor of the Recycled Instruments of Cateura Orchestra
María FrancoDirector of the Lo que de Verdad Importa Foundation
José Manuel ZapataTenor and Speaker
Pedro PuigPresidente of Aldeas Infantiles


Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje
Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje
Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje
Proyecto social - La Música del Reciclaje


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