Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

The cookies are files that are downloaded onto your computer, smartphone or tablet while accessing certain websites and/or applications. The cookies enable information on the browsing habits of users or their equipment to be stored and recovered and, depending on the information contained and how the equipment is utilized; they can be used to recognize users.

2. What kinds of cookies does the website use?

Our website has in-house and third-party cookies. In-house cookies are those which are sent to the user’s device from another device or domain which is operated by RITA COSENTINO and from which we provide the service requested by the user. Third-party cookies are those which are sent to the user’s device from another device or domain which is not operated by RITA COSENTINO, and instead is operated by a third party who processes the data acquired through the cookies.

In-house cookiess

These cookies are sent to your computer and managed solely by RITA COSENTINO to ensure the better functioning of the website. The information gathered is used to improve the quality of our services and enhance your user experience. These cookies remain in your browser for a longer period of time, allowing us to recognize you as a repeat visitor to the website and adapt its content to offer you content in line with your preferences.

Third-party analytic cookies

Our website uses the Google Analytics traffic measuring system, a Google web analysis tool that allows us to measure how users interact with our Website.

Together with our server logs, they enable us to ascertain the total number of users visiting our website. Thanks to them, we obtain information that may help us to improve the browsing experience and offer a better service to users and clients.

If you interact with the content of our website, third-party cookies may also be installed (for example, by clicking on social media buttons or by viewing videos housed on other sites). Third-party cookies are those managed by a domain other than our Website. We cannot access the data stored in cookies of other websites when you browse these other websites.

Google Analytics does not provide RITA COSENTINO with any information about the user’s real IP, and instead only provides statistical information regarding visits, demographics, technical data and source/path. Google Analytics is a product of Google, Inc., which is a Delaware company with headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, U.S.A.

Here is a link to the Google website where you can find a description of the type of cookies used by Google Analytics:

Technical cookies: They allow the user to browse through the website and use its various options or services.

Plug-in cookies: These cookies are used to share social content. Social networks store and access this type of cookies in the user's terminal equipment, allowing the social network to identify its members as they interact with the plug-ins.

Multimedia player cookies:: They store technical data, necessary to play video or audio content, maintaining an adequate connection, speed, image quality and buffering parameters.

3. Types of cookies used

Some or all the cookies identified in the following list may be stored on your computer:





Google Analytics 

Web Analytics


Google Analytics 

Web Analytics


Google Analytics 

Web Analytics


Google Analytics 

Web Analytics


Google Analytics 

Web Analytics



Site Management



Site Management


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4. Consent

By browsing and remaining on the website you are consenting to the use of the cookies described, and under the conditions contained in this present Cookies Policy. However, you may withdraw your consent at any time in accordance with the following Section.

 5. Disabling the Cookies Used in our website 

Cookies are not necessary to view our website. You may allow, block or eliminate the cookies stored on your device by configuring your web browser. Check your web browser’s instructions and manual to obtain more information. For your convenience, please find below links to the instructions of the most common web browsers:

6. Amendments to the Cookies Policy

 RITA COSENTINO may change this privacy policy statement as needed. Check this page periodically if you would like to monitor changes. Date of last update: November 2017.

7. More information

You may also send us your questions via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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