GARDYN STUDIO is an arts promoter and producer located in Madrid (Spain) with offices in Barcelona y Kobe (Japan). While the company works with a wide range of performing arts it specializes in classical music, flamenco and International touring artists. The company is currently structured into four departments that cover most performance genres.

Under the expert guidance of founder Virginia Cortés Gardyn, the company benefits from seventeen years of experience in production, promotion and programming of musical and artistic theater. Gardyn Studio is considered one of the major companies in this sector.

GARDYN STUDIO works as a management agency for national and international artists, as a production and promotion company for concerts and festivals, as coordinator of national and international tours, and as an artistic consultant in programming and sponsorship of cultural events.

Diversified in various circles, Gardyn represents artists Josep Carreras, Kiri Te Kanawa, Los Niños Cantores de Viena, Los Chicos del Coro, José Manuel Zapata, José Mercé, Kool & the Gang, and Jane Monhait among others.

She collaborates with prestigious entities and institutions that organize concerts, musical events and shows, in Spain and the rest of the world. She is associated with important foreigner artistic contract agencies such as Jackie & Partners Productions (Japan) and Georg Lietner Productions (Austria).

In the field of musical and artistic production, she embraces all facets, such as management, organization, promotion, distribution, and sales of concerts and artists.

Current Projects

    • Management and production of concerts, lyrical artists, symphony orchestras, children’s shows, dance shows in theaters and concert halls around the world..
    • Production and promotion of various genres of performing arts festivals all over Spain.
    • Scheduling and coordination of company tours for both Spanish and foreign artists.>
    • Opera production
    • Artistic and musical events organization for enterprises and corporate acts.
    • Programming for music series for various entities and institutions.
    • Management of national and international artists.
    • Sponsorship searches for musical and artistic projects.
Gardyn Studio - Sting


Gardyn Studio - José Manuel Zapata

José Manuel Zapata

Gardyn Studio - Úrsula Lopez

Úrsula Lopez

Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang

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