Alí Babá

(The Musical)

More than 15 characters on stage.
Life-size puppets.
Dialogues and Music (Bollywood dances).
Didactic and familiar show with the aesthetics of the Disney factory.

From the moment the curtain opens, the show takes us to a faraway and fantastic oriental country, with its creaking colours, where everything is possible. The originality of our proposal lies in enjoying it through the fun and cheerful accent of Bollywood.

The original music, the dances, the costumes, the romantic story and the sparkling happy ending will take us this way in a flight through history.

Our aim is to capture the children's constant attention, interspersed with adventure, laughter, musical numbers and visual effects. The use of life-size puppets interacting with flesh and blood actors gives us a bonus in this sense, while facilitating the inclusion of secondary characters, animals with voices, acting as comic relief.

Alí Babá (el musical)


Alí Babá (el musical)
Alí Babá (el musical)
Alí Babá


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