Music is definitely a primary need for human beings, and every day that passes, in the midst of extraordinary situations, the powerful reach of melodies that come to comfort hearts, give energy and courage and bring out the best in every human being to build a better world is felt more and more.

In response to this call, a new first-rate orchestral ensemble has emerged in Alicante, which is flexible and versatile and adapts to the demands of the times in which we live.

Virtuós Mediterrani is made up of musicians of the highest level, who mix experience with fire and passion, thus achieving a surprising and refined result. Their repertoire covers the great works of classical music written for their format, as well as chamber opera, sacred music and various thematic concerts. It is also one of the orchestra's objectives to open its doors to new composers and soloists in order to give them an opportunity for growth and projection.

Born in times of great difficulty (2020), the tenacity of its members has managed to keep alive the illusion and the creative spirit to courageously undertake a varied offer of concerts that has begun with an unforgettable and emotional evening in the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás, with the performance of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater (Easter 2021).

Its Principal Conductor, Maestro Gerardo Estrada Martínez, has an extensive international career that has taken him to outstanding stages in more than 30 countries around the world, conducting prestigious orchestras.

This new formation, born in the light of the Mediterranean Sea, wishes to bring smiles and hope to a world that is crying out for it. The mission of uniting around the beauty of a melody is transcendent in our times, and Virtuós Mediterrani is firmly positioned in the front line to fulfil this mission.

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Virtuós Mediterrani


Juan Francisco Padilla

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